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Our Smartest and Quickest Alexa Echo Support

If you are fond of music and tech freak, Amazon Echo will be the most awaited device for you. The product itself represents innovation and connected operations built in it. The Amazon Echo is a wireless speaker or voice command tool which is cylindrical in shape, 3 inches wide and 9-inch height. The high-tech device boasts a range of 7 microphones that are designed to listen to the voice command such as “Wake Robert” and respond to the voice command. This can be used as a speaker through which you can play the music of our choice. Moreover, the user can use it to set alarms, create a to-do list and command for real-time information. The Amazon Echo also controls the smart electronic home devices like Philips Hue light system. All you have to do is set up the Echo and play the music through it. There are three things which are built into the Echo you can use it – Action button, Microphones button and Volume ring. With the help of a volume ring, turn up/down the speaker and adjust the volume as per the preferences. The 100% volume means extremely loud volume so turn the volume down for soothing music.

Unpacking and Setting Up the Echo

At first, you need to unpack the Amazon Echo device and plug in the Echo. Moving on, download and install the Amazon Alexa application from the Google Play store or App store. Now, plug in the Amazon Echo device, the indicator flashes the rotating blue color around the top of the gadget. Then, switch to the rotating orange color which signals that it is all set to configure with Wi-Fi information. If you happen to miss the window, it auto flashes the rotating purple color which means the device is complaining. So, hold down the action button until it turns to orange color. Go to the top of the speaker if you want to turn down the volume. In case, your echo device is not showing you the blue color on the top of the speaker then don’t worry as Amazon Alexa support will give you the best feasible solution as per your requirements. As and when the Amazon Echo is in orange configuration mode, take out your Smartphone and open the Wi-Fi settings. However, the Amazon Echo requires connecting directly ad-hoc during the configuration process to input the configuration info. After this, go to the Echo Wi-Fi connection just like ‘Amazon-53N’. The application will take you quickly to the configuration process, however, do not forget to tap the menu icon which is seen in the top left corner of the app and then go to settings.

Most common issues with Echo Plus

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  • Unable to Reset Alexa Echo.
  • Amazon Echo Stopped Working Suddenly.
  • Alexa won’t connect to my Bluetooth devices.
  • Alexa won’t connect to other devices.
  • Amazon Alexa Lost Her Voice.
  • Not Playing the Music.

The following section would explain how to talk to Alexa:

Summoning Alexa

The Amazon Echo device is programmed with a response “Watch Word”. By default, the name is Alexa. When you say the Alexa, you can see the rotating blue light around the top of Echo device. For instance, after setting up the Amazon Echo device, just say Alexa, how fast is the car? To which Alexa would respond with the answer “The average speed of the car is 24 km per hour”. In order to stop the Alexa device, say “Alexa, stop”.

Music Playlist

The user can easily play the music of his/her choice through the speaker. By default, your Amazon Echo is tapped into Amazon Prime Account and allows accessing the purchased music from Amazon and from a massive library of free Prime music. A user can command the device by saying “Alexa, play Diwali song” and Alexa will respond by spinning the music playlist. In fact, through Prime music system user can even create its own personal playlists and call those by saying “Alexa, play the Enrique playlist”. If you don’t know how to add to the music into the playlist, do not waste time more and call the Amazon Alexa support.

Inquiries, Conversions, and Trivia

The important element here is to ask questions from Alexa. If it will be in its database then it will respond back with the answer what you have just asked. A user can ask for the weather report of a particular city, mathematical questions, a Wikipedia query and many more.

Shopping and To-Do Lists

You can simply add things you wish to buy into your shopping list and after that set the reminder. Whatever item you have added to your respective lists gets auto stored into the application.

Customizing Your Alexa Echo Experience

Open the Alexa app, select the main menu and go to ‘Settings’ where you can scroll down to search ‘Account’ section. You will be given a lot of options such as Music, Sports updates, Flash briefing and another set to get the route detail to reach the destination, calendar date, traffic updates and can hook with your home smart devices.

Hopefully, you will find the above information helpful to enrich your knowledge about Amazon Alexa echo device. In order to get into the detailing part, the professional team of our Alexa technical support will be ready to help you with any technical query related to this smartest gadget of the 21st century.

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