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What Is Google Home, Google Home Mini And Google Home Max?

Once again Google has amazed many by introducing the smart speaker to tech lovers known as Google Home. Being a wireless speaker, it also works as a Smartphone control center and acts as an assistant for the entire family. It is a voice-activated speaker which works exactly like Bluetooth speaker of the desktop. You can easily ask the Google things you wish to do and manage all the tasks without putting much effort. The Google Home measures 5.62 inches in height, 3.79 inches in diameter and weighs 1.05lbs.

If we talk about three of Google smart speakers- The Google Home, Mini, and Max all have the same Google Assistant and come with an AC power adapter and detachable cord. To put it better, it’s a ‘TRIO’ by Google. The Google Home mini looks like a small flying saucer with a fabric top as it is smaller in size. The Mini can’t connect to an external speaker, however, can stream music to other Chromecast enabled devices. On the other hand, Google Max is the biggest Google Home smart speaker and provides all the functionality of both the Google Home and Mini units however it is particularly designed for those who seek a superior-quality music listening experience.

Technical Support Number to Setup Google Home 1-800-969-3032

Google Home is one of the most unique inventions by Google. It helps people to do the smart things which the user can do through Android Voice Assistant with no need to pull out the phone. It responds quickly whenever the user issues the voice command. The user can then set the timers and so on. Here are some steps to set up the Google Home device conveniently:

Start Google Home and Install the App

Start with plug in the Google Home into the power socket. It will then auto light up and looks for user phone. Once it plugs in, it will remain turned on. Download the Google Home application from the Playstore. However, ensure to connect the device to Wi-Fi as the user will be managing and transferring the smart devices activities to Google Home. Further, Log in to your Google account or if you don’t have one, register for the Google account.

Block Email Notifications

Change the settings to don’t allow email notification and to eliminate the spam message which will allow you avoid email notifications.

Install the Google Home and Connect With Music Services

Before setting up, the user must sign up first and set the location of Google Home hardware. The Google Home can provide information of the local weather and time as well. Mainly, Spotify, Music, Google Play, and YouTube are used by the Google Home users. The user will be able to access the local or purchased music libraries only.

Features of Google Home

Links to Regular News and Activities

Just tap on the News icon and then go to the customize option. You will be able to listen to the daily news and activities. In order to know how to get the regular updates from your Home support device, get in touch with the Google Home customer support by dialing toll-free number 1-800-969-3032.

Get the Location Info

A user must go to the personal info and then choose the Home and Work locations. By just entering the current address of home or office, you will get the exact time and location.

Magnificent Features of Google Home

The smartest software is Google Home Intelligent Personal Assistant and Google Assistant supports the Google Home. Google Home knows the features of Google Assistant and that automatically build the stronger relationship with its user in a great way.

High-Quality Speaker

The Google Home has high-quality furnish and highly effective sound which makes it the inbuilt integrated speaker.

Contact Google Home Help Center to Setup Google Home

You can learn from the tutorial or by contacting the Google Home support as well which is 24/7 available to help you access the Google home flawlessly. If kids find any difficulty to pronounce the particular set of words then its best to set up few features on the Google Home device. See the whole list of features:

Multi-Room Capability

The Google Home supports more than one device and can be easily connected to multiple devices. So, just say the command and enjoy the entertainment.

Control the Devices

There is touch surface on the surface of Google Home which allows a user to control the home appliances. To set the Home microphones in standby mode, the mute button is also available.

Google Home

If you need any assistance to install the Google Home at home, do not hesitate to call Expert Solution for technical support for Google Home and certainly all your queries will be answered on priority. Make the most of today’s technological entertainment era and bring a smart change in your life. All you need is getting the Google Home set up at your home.

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